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Youth Today

This is purely a personal story.

Yesterday morning, as usual, I woke up at 7:30 AM. Just took a few steps to my veranda. In the building opposite to my apartment, I saw a small girl opening the sliding glass door. I was very happy by looking at her. She was far away but visible. Cute face. She was in a full gown with blue flowers on it.

Just then all my smile vanished. She was not just a child, but a child labor. In a moment all my joys turned into pity and my thoughts were addressed into some unnamed void.

We say children are equal to god, but we encourage child labor. Yes, I can understand the economic level of the parents who send their kids to work, but how can this be encouraged by the people who have kids of the same age at home.

I don’t feel government can do anything for us. Yes, they only fill their pockets and save their position and power. And nothing else but to earn through taxes. But what is happening to that money, we pay in the name of taxes.

Even individually¬†we too encourage the poverty to be pushed. Yes, we pay the full cost to those who own a supermarket but start a¬†bargain at street vendors. Do we have any responsibility? The owner of a supermarket can survive if you pay less price, but the street vendors don’t sell for profit, they sell to feed their kid or pay their school fee. And we, yes the same we, talk about equality and government not responding on social causes.

Come on man, wake up and look what’s around you. Have some social responsibility.

Stop spitting shit and start some service.

I’m not writing this to fill my post, but to make people or even one person to realize their task at hand towards the society. Change starts with one.

I’m ready, are you with me?
I’m walking towards the change, will you join your steps?
I’m here to give a helping hand to the needful, will you join your hand with me?

If yes, join me at the group Service to Society

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