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World – Ruled by some Secret Society

On the off chance that you were truly an individual from the worldwide élite, you’d know this as of now: the world is administered by a capable, shrouded few. A considerable lot of whatever is left of us peons have heard that in 2004 both the candidates for the White House were individuals from Yale University’s hidden Skull and Bones society, a large number of whose’ individuals have ascended to intense positions. Yet, Skull and Bones is little potatoes contrasted and the secretive schemes that involve for all intents and purposes each position of power, from the halls of government to the meeting rooms of Wall Street.

Take the Illuminati, a group said to have begun in eighteenth-century Germany and which is professedly in charge of the pyramid-and-eye image embellishing the $1 charge: they plan to incite world wars to fortify the contention for the making of a worldwide government (which would, obviously, be Satanic in nature). Or, then again consider the Freemasons, who tout their gathering as the “most established and biggest overall brotherhood” and highly graduated class like George Washington. Some feel that in spite of giving loads of money to philanthropy, they’re subtly plotting your demise at Masonic sanctuaries over the world. Or, on the other hand perhaps, some guess, the folks pulling the strings aren’t covered in shadow by any means. They may be the scholarly people on the Council on Foreign Relations, a unit of arrangement wonks who purportedly consider their points distributing an educated bimonthly diary and building up a bound worldwide government — not really in a specific order.

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