Weapons of God according to Indian Mythology

We have learned from almost every culture that Gods had to fight numerous or never-ending battles with Demons. And every god has weapons in posses that inhibit peculiar powers of mass destruction and ensure victory. Here I head listed a few weapons of God(s) from Indian Mythology that awestruck when we encounter the powers and their destructive effects.

Here are a few listed as follows:


A very famous weapon among Hindus is The Trishul of Lord Shiva. It’s three heads stand for the three Gunas a.k.a Rajas, Sattva, and Tama. The one who holds this Trishul is Nirguna which means free from all spiritual and material attributes. Some others believe that the power of Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) resides within the Trishul thus making it a lethal weapon.

trishul at omkareshwar
Trishul Image at Omkareshwar, Inida

Lord Shiva used his Trishul to behead Lord Ganesha’s head. Later it was replaced by an Elephant’s head. It is also said that Trishul is much more powerful than Indra’s Vajra and Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra.
One more definition of Trishul is that it is a representation of the forms of creation – Ida, Pingala, and Shushmana. The union of Ida and Pingala occurs at the middle head Shushmana.

The Sudarshana Chakra

Lord Shiva gave the infallible disc to Lord Vishnu to defeat a demon Dhundhu and his generals. It was said that Sudarshana was created from Lord Shiva’s toe. Inquest of this powerful weapon, Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva with 1000 lotuses. Impressed, Lord Shiva handed Vishnu this weapon that was created from his own body and had 1000 spiked.

sudarshana chakra
Lord Vishnu holding Sudarshana Chakra

The weapon cannot be stopped by anyone in the universe barring Lord Shiva. Considering Veerabhadra and Hanuman as incarnations of Lord Shiva, were the only ones known for stopping this weapon.


The most powerful projectile weapon (Astra) according to Indian mythological stories is the Pashupatastra. It is superior to the astras/weapons of other Gods.

Gods having astras: Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, Varun, Surya, Agni, Yama and other gods mentioned in Mahabharatha.

A personified weapon of Lord Shiva capable of destroying the entire universe in half the time taken to twinkle the eye.

Arjuna seeking Pashupatastra from Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva designed this weapon by making Lord Vishnu its tip, Lord Agni its shaft, and Yama its tuft. Mounting a celestial chariot ith Brahma as its charioteer, Lord Shiva used Pashupatastra to destroy Tripura (three indestructible demon cities).


A personified weapon of Lord Vishnu when fired, a fiery tempest along with uncountable thunderclaps issues forth the sky. It raises as a single Astra and takes the form of a disc. The disc projects millions of club-shaped projectiles, two-wheeled propellers and four-wheeled propellers which causes massive destruction when launched. No other weapon can counter Narayanastra. The only way to neutralize is absolute surrender.

The destructive potential of this Astra increases if countered with any other Astra.

Ashwatthama fired it in the Mahabharatha war on the 15th day. Then the entire Pandava army along with Lord Krishna had no choice but to completely surrender to Narayanastra.


Another personified weapon of Lord Vishnu. This weapon was boned to Narakasura from Lord Vishnu as a grant of his mother’s (Goddess Earth) prayers. When Lord Krishna was on the battlefield with Narakashura, the Vaishnavastra was used against Lord Krishna which had no impact on him.

Lord Krishna beheaded Narakashura with Sudarshana Chakra. After the battle, Bhagadatta (Narakasura’s son) took hold of the Vaishnavastra.
(Meaning of Asura)


Another personified weapon of Lord Shiva. The weapon manifests the power of Shiva’s third eye and can destroy the entire creation into ashes in an instant.

During the battle between Gods and a demon (Shankhachud), demon army crushed Gods.  Gods asked Lord Shiva for help. Shiva with his army of Ganas attacked the demon and in the ensuing battle, Lord Shiva has to face Shankuchad on a duel. Lord Shiva fired Maheshwarastra on the demon. But Krishna Kavach (Lord Krishna’s armor) is protecting his body and the Astras had no effect on him.

Lord Krishna gave Krishna Kavach to Shamkuchad who is Sudhama in previous birth. Lord Shiva fired a total of 10 maheshwarastras in the battle. They had no impact. Then Lord Vishnu intervened and tricked Shankuchad to remove the armor which led to his death by Lord Shiva.


Brahmanda means the entire universe along with the 14 lokas (planes of existence). This weapon can consume the entire universe along with 14 lokas. The most powerful weapon of Lord Brahma which manifests the four heads of him.



A famous weapon in the mythology which is a personified weapon of Lord Brahma manifesting the first head of Brahma. There were many instances in Ramayana of using this weapon. Meghanadha (eldest son of Ravana) had obtained this weapon from Brahma as a boon. Also, Ravana used this weapon to kill Ravana in the final battle. This weapon of God Brahma was one of the most audible name in History.
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A personified weapon of God Rudra (a fierce aspect of Shiva) which holds the power of 11 partial manifestations of Lord Shiva (Eleven Rudras).

A 3 headed creature appears in the sky. Then thousands of Goblins, Ghosts, and Gandharvas follow them. This is the impact of firing a Rudrastra. Along with them numerous creatures and beasts follow them wielding maces and 3 eyed beings wielding Trishul. They shower these weapons from the sky to destroy the stationed enemy on the ground.
An instance of this weapon in Mahabharata is when Arjuna killed millions of invincible Kalakeya demons.

Indian mythology holds many secrets that today’s science cannot even think of answering. They have inscribed science, medicine, astrology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, microbiology, and various other sciences into the common man’s lives. And the irony is that we now redeem other cultures and let them rediscover our knowledge and follow them.

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Other mythical weapons:

Vajra – The ultimate weapon of Lord Indra
Sharanga Bow of Lord Ram
Sharanga – Bow of Lord Ram


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