Women were abandoned from visiting temples during menstrual period?

In this holy land of India, women were worshipped as Kali, Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati, Gayatri, and various other forms and names. But to our hypocrisy, the same women bearing the names of goddesses were cruelly mode to suffer. They were abandoned from being educated for a long time where we worship Gayatri and Saraswati as goddesses of knowledge and wisdom. And, especially women visiting temples during the menstrual period is treated as a taboo.

Religious Bias

I use religion here because the women were not allowed into temples during their time of menstruation. All of the religious boundaries prevent women to do so. This is not just a question but a fine line between the tradition and the devotion. So let’s find out purity from the impurity of the superstition and its origin.

Women during their menstrual period were to be impure in many religions. It is pathetic that God’s most wonderful creation isn’t allowed to visit Him at this time. “Menstruation is impure”—is a myth followed by those who follow the dos and don’ts created by others. We have a habit of not allowing them to be touched. There is a simple answer to it. We generally don’t touch anything that is pure. And anything that is pure, is termed as divine.

Living God

Every woman during her menstrual period is a living god. It is her purest form. Kamakhya Devi is one of the most important and divine Shakti peetha in India. Here the goddess is worshipped in the form of Yoni which means Vagina and this is the main reason why this Shakti peetha is most powerful. Every month 3 days, Devi Kamakhya undergoes menstruation and the color of the entire Brahmaputra river turns red. These 3 days were very auspicious and the menstruate of Devi Kamakhya is been distributed among devotees.

In olden days women were worshipped during their menstrual time, as they were 10 times more powerful than on normal days which was scientifically proved. It is very depressing that people think exactly the opposite and treat them as untouchables. But actually she is in her purest forms, that is why even sexual intercourse is been prohibited. In some cultures and traditions, girls who undergo their first menstruation were worshipped like a goddess. Even she was asked to taste a drop of her own menstrual blood which was believed to be very powerful and gives the girl good health.

Divinity in Blood

Both in Hindu as well as Muslims, the girl on her first menstrual day is worshipped. Her mother gives her a cloth which she uses as a pad. Later the cloth is safely put aside which will be gifted to her during her marriage. This cloth shields the girl and her family from all black energies, poor health, and other ills.

visiting temples during menstrual period

The menstrual blood has huge hidden power hence it is also used in various black magic rituals. This blood has the power to absorb all the energy from the idols of gods and goddesses in the temples and make them lifeless. So this is the reason why women were abandoned from visiting temples during menstrual and not allowed to come in contact with gods either at home or in temples. So the living goddess isn’t asked to do anything and sit aside. We should imagine, if the blood from the woman is so powerful, how much power can be the woman from whom this blood comes out.

visiting temples during menstrual period

Goddess around us

If you still doubt the power, then just think we all are created from the womb of a mother who is a God that gives life. A mother suffering all the pain to bring us on to the earth. A sister who cares us. A friend who shares our joys and secrets. A wife who protects us from every illness and gives meaning to our life. And like the motherland who makes us sleep in her lap. All these are given only by a woman, for which we all should be thankful for her.

visiting temples during menstrual period

Final Word

Each woman is a goddess, the Jagat Janani. If we can’t accept her as a goddess for our entire life, then at least we can accept her as a goddess for these 5 days during her menstruation. Because this phase is very important for every woman to become a mother and it has some special power within it. Visiting temples during the menstrual period is not a taboo but a scientific secret that lies behind it. And also it is a blessing that transforms every woman into a living goddess.

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