Video Of This Cat Like Creature With Human Face has stunned the Internet

The Malaysian police have recently solved a case of a strange cat-like animal with a human face. It was found in a nearby remote village and the photos have become viral on the internet.

The images and the video of the strange creature had been circling on the web and however, the authorities have responded quickly stating that this is a trick to raise chaos.

The video was reported to be taken in the Pahang area of western Malaysia which shows a pink colored animal with 4 legs, sharp hooks, a human-like head and two long canines.

Posts shared through internet stated that the THING, which was laying its eyes closed “was being held in a research center at some unknown location”.

As the post was viral and blooming on the internet, the police head Datuk Rosli Abdul Rahman pulled out the knot and stated that the photos are truly “FAKE”.

Also, he clarified the fake news that the images were downloaded from the internet before it was shared, guaranteeing that the news was made in Phang.

He added that he trusts people that hey will not be supporting any fake news by sharing it.

The photos are thought to be a variety of “Silicon Child Werewolf” toy, which is available on the internet.


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