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The world goes XXL

Humans are gaining more weight since a decade. Across the entire world, in developed and developing countries, among youngsters, children and grown up, the number of people affected by obesity goes on increasing. For the last year, as per WHO, around 40% of the world’s adults were suffering from overweight.

Economic growth causes the major health loss in people. Wealthier countries take a higher amount of processed foods. All the work mostly is replaced by machines. There is a greater availability of junk food to the citizen in cities. Nevertheless, neither of the developed nations has tried to figure out how to slow down the obesity.

In 2010 alone, researchers estimated 3.4 million deaths caused by obesity. Being overweight leads to various risk factors like diseases including Cardiovascular effects and diabetes etc,

In low and middle countries, diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate.This is mainly in countries where people lack or have a low level of physical activities. The number is pretty much in every country. We have been fighting against threats like smoking, malnutrition, malaria, waterborne diseases. Noone of the countries has reported working against obesity.

What is the reason for obesity?
It is complicated to vote for a single or a list of reasons that causes obesity. Each country has its own list. And they vary from nation to nation. The common trends may be: Higher Income, Global Trade, food supply modifications, lower physical activities., can contribute to some extent.

The food storage has been increased than the past. For our ancestors had fought and struggled a lot to get enough food to eat. But now, in most of the countries, food supply is more than sufficient to the people in need.

The usage of energy also varied in the journey of time. Previously humans were hunters, gatherers until agriculture was evolved as the primary source of food. But in this current generation, a lion’s share of the population live in cities. And their major physical activities are gone very less to an extent where moving is considered as a physical activity.

What should be done?
Abundant availability of food, global wealth increases, urbanization will be continued until every tree in the world is cut down. Some health-conscious advocates say to consider health precautions and intake need to be included in the economic policies. And also, making people habituated to more physical activities may help them to restrain from obesity.

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