Tech Monopolies – The Digital threat to Society

Tech monopolies contribute much for a digital threat. Companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Uber, Amazon, Twitter and so on. . . many dominate the market kicking out any emerging competition. And this is what we see and understand. But we never know the truth as it is always encrypted from the real users. The actual digital threat the tech monopolies hold is not really the price, but the power, data, and control over the public space. And this is what we call a Digital Threat. The evolution that made them agile towards yielding this power over the emerging future technologies and infrastructure and social happenings.

These social and tech monopolies have been integrating into everything and everywhere while they occupy the tiniest space available. This may lead to domination that controls over the minds of people that generate ideas and creating a false assumption that can be utilized to raise power under their control. Tech is nothing but a tool to avoid regulation by consuming political influence and gaining monopolistic behavior.

Now-a-days movement of the world is determined and controlled through technology. Gutenberg’s press revolutionized the idea of free information exchange. The telegraph system made people question the concept of time and distance. The barrier of language, culture and nationality overcame by the whole nation after the invention of radio. The medium itself has become a message. And the medium of digital technology is the emerging economic monopoly.

Digital Revolution or Digital threat?

The secret behind Startups flock towards Silicon Valley is not to make the world a better place for everyone but the capitals reside there. The relationship between money and ideas is very much complicated. Even world-changing ideas need money to survive, pay rent and taxes, hire engineers and programmers. And it’s where money is exchanged with world-changing ideas. But with great money comes great responsibilities like growth targets, profit margins, etc., In a line, tech is something that rich people implement to get even richer.

Digital threat

Today the tech giants gain access to your data, your personal life, family details and even the bank account and other transaction information. And we still think our information is secure over the cloud. Maybe it’s time to wake up and realize that the reality is very much different than what we have been trained to perceive. And being controlled by them, we believe we are free.

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