Python – An Introduction

Python – the programming language for a newbie. While entering into the programming world, you should start with some language to understand the basics. C is a language that teaches the Procedural and Functional Programming. This can be utilized for learning the basic level of programming to anyone wishing to be a programmer.

While Python is preferred by most of the programming geeks it is an evergreen language. It can be implemented in almost every area in the business world. Python has proved its ability in Web Development, Application Development, Security, Automation, Game Design.

Why Python is so Special?

  • Unlike other programming languages, Python emphasizes on code readability. Python code is easily readable and understandable to other.
  • When compared to other programming languages, the code written in python is relatively less.
  • It offers automatic memory management and also various standard libraries for a programmer.
  • Python is a high-level coding language and a general purpose language
  • The interactive mode in the Python allows coders to test the code readily instead of compiling the entire program and testing it

While you come across the word Memory Management, the automatic garbage collectors in Python help to achieve it easily which other languages fail. So the program you write doesn’t hold the memory and leave the system to wait for cleaning it.

Whilst all the good side, there are few areas Python doesn’t keep up a good mark when compared to other languages.
It is slow when compared to the rest of the programming languages. Python isn’t a very good choice for Mobile Development. Python has limitations with Database Access.

Even with these defects that pull back Python, developers and companies like Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Quora, Mozilla prefer to utilize Python’s vast features for their services.

who uses python

So learning Python is always one best choice to grab when you have a plan to build a good career in Programming.