Programming Languages at War – PHP Vs Angular

The most frequently asked question in any computer student ‘s career is “Which Programming Languages do you use?” Well, the answer comes in many words which depend on the person.

Referring the latest technical achievements, tech giants have launched various programming languages with their own pros and cons to face. Every day, we browse the Internet which is a product of various known/unknown languages. And it’s completely fine for non-tech guys to have this reputation of non-coder. But a tech-guy WILL understand the hardships while building a feature or an application (software/website/. . .)

How Programming Languages help the web communities?

Most of us have heard about these languages. PHP is hypertext pre-processor and Angular is one great framework of Javascript. In the beginning, PHP and Javascript used to be good friends and shared everything on/behind the screen. Like PHP used to take care of everything behind the screen like communicating to the database, fetching and pumping data, etc.,

While Javascript used the browser to explore its ability in designing the UI. But the disputes had just begun when Javascript started handling server requests and communicate with the database.


Front end technologies and programming languages
Front end technologies

The Node.js is the framework which was introduced in the year 2009. It changed the face of the internet by allowing javascript in between MySQL and port 80.  Then the choice of a language came into the picture as javascript is able to perform the task of both.

Now we shall discuss the Similarities and Differences between these languages.

After 1995, PHP became the major choice for Web Developers to choose for server-side scripting. As it is easier, more reliable. Acc. to a study, approximately 92% of websites were built in PHP. With the development of CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla any website or a simple blog can be built within minutes. And which is why the demand has raised in a blink of time. And it is one cheapest way to build web pages.

Along with HTML and CSS, Javascript is believed to be a major component for building web pages. It is primarily used to build web pages more dynamically and make them interactive. But after 2009, the usage of javascript had been drastically improved.


Two different worlds they are as we had discussed. But when considering the backend functionalities that they work on, both seem a bit equal on their sides. PHP and Node.js generate similar kind of output, both can be used for backend scripting.As PHP and Node.js have similar kind of output. So both of them can be used for backend scripting.

Both PHP and Javascript are interpreted languages, as we already know that (PHP by server side and javascript by the browser). As scripts are much easier to use and are run by their respective environments without any nuance, they both perform well in the desired manner which favors the productivity of the programmer.

Both languages are best suits for any Beginner or a Veterans.

PHP vs Javascript: DIFFERENCES

Any developer might give you the same kind of response if asked about programming languages. Saying “Javascript is the king of front-side technologies and PHP is the best language for handling server-side requests”.

There are many programming languages that were useful for various difficult tasks. But choosing the right one for the job is the work of a developer. As javascript is interpreted by all modern browsers it is used as a front-end language while PHP remained as backend server scripting language. But after 2009, Javascript had evolved to works in the backend to handle server-side requests.

The developers should choose one language that can finish different tasks of easily thus decreasing the work load.

Any PHP developer will say this about programming languages. Using PHP is much more simple than that of Node.js. While working on PHP just needs to write the code in between <?php and ?>. This code directly gets and puts data with a good connection to the MySQL database. Whereas, writing a program in Node.js takes much more lines of code making it harder than PHP.

In order to work on numerous tasks at ones, PHP blocks I/O and is a multi-threaded language. Javascript uses Event Looping and Node Clustering to achieve an event raised through non-blocking of I/O execution by using a single thread.

Javascript uses JSON (Java Script Object Notation) which is a lightweight data format. This is syntactically similar to Object Definitions in Javascript. This hands more vulnerability for Node.js and Javascript based applications to deal with JSON. But PHP working on JSON is only situational.

Even in the era of Node.js which works over both frontend and backend, most developers still, prefer Javascript for front-end and PHP for the back-end.

PHP’s uses:

  1. Working with Content Management System
  2. Stacks like LAMPP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  3. Using servers like Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MariaDB, etc.,

Javascript’s uses:

  1. Working on SPA (Single Page Applications) Dynamically.
  2. Stacks like MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS)
  3. Front-end technologies involvng AngularJS, jQuery, Backbone.js, ReactJS, Ember.js etc.
  4. Server-side technologies involving MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, etc.

Any programming language which fits the necessity to solve the requirement is often the best among others.

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