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Negligence – The root of our society

The name itself is somewhat controversial. Yes, I can understand that there is something fishy about your thoughts on this article. But with a synopsis of my retrospection, I found we live in a society where nothing is done as it used to be. Let me quote some examples here.

We treat doctors as living gods who treat people and save their lives. At least in some parts of the world, especially in India, they have a reputation. Every person needs a doctor at least ones in his/her lifetime. But nowadays the medicine is been treated as a source of income and a type of business. Culprits demand high amount from people to save lives. As everyone knows that the most valuable thing to anyone is his/her life. And this weakness is their profit. Life has been neglected here.

Education helps society to grow and evolve. During olden days scholars were respected as the highest position in the society. For example, the Maharshis in the kingdom of every king in India has been respected with profound esteem. But today’s education has been neglected as it was one of the cheapest things to earn the richest income. It was finally made a source to earn income. NegligenceĀ in the field of education was the final result of the need for better education by the masses.

Comparing to our ancestors, power was mostly distributed among the most royal families or those who contribute to the war. But now, power is been distributed to those who swallow money. Without money, power is powerless. Politicians capture power to earn themselvesĀ some currency. The real power is dead behind the meaningless deads of the immoral acts that destroy the culture and society. Ans in a word, power is also neglected.

In Indian history, religion has a predominant position in building a person’s character. It guides people through different situations of life. It controls birth and death. It communicates among various sections of the society through maintaining a required balance through required actions and services. But now, it is one of the many ways to popularise and capture power over innocent people. It’s been neglected by preaching the wrong things as the right.

In this kind of immoral society, we search for morality and expect the same from others. We lack that important entity that we want to take from others that we live with. Before expecting results, we should input something into the minds of people. Maybe one day we can expect changes and people understand the reality of today’s life.

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