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Marital Slavery – Condition of Married Women

The wedding is considered as a very important occasion in India. People celebrate it with a great enthusiasm and joy. But after marriage, the parents of the bride may suffer a loss of their dear daughter. But they will be satisfied that they have relieved off their responsibility. Yes, it’s true.

“After getting married, there remains no difference between a wife and a beggar. It’s just that she has a roof on top of her head and some food grains. . . for all other needs she has to experience what being a beggar is….Well, that’s sad.”
Said by one of my friends, Apeksha.

I was touched by her statement. Maybe it’s true. We never see any married woman (except from rich classes), having fun with friends like their husbands do. Only men have a privilege of having late night parties, riding with friends, long drives, etc., But women are enslaved at home. Pity that we forget they too have a life and they too belong to a kind of organism named HUMANS. 

The Society declared women not to do certain actions that define her independence. And we can see independent women in this same society, achieving greater heights.

“That’s why financial Independence is important. For all women for all girls. And that’s why being literate is important” — A word of one woman.

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    1. It was done for some reason, and we need to find out what exactly is it. Because our ancestors never suppressed women but later generations did it just because they are physically weaker than men. Suppressing women is not an aspect that needs to be followed in the society, but nowadays they are mostly confined to the kitchen. Just a few decades ago they have been given the power. Most of them misuse it and others don’t utilize it. Let’s hope a society where women are respected as women instead of sex objects or slaves. Even Bharat Mata is a woman.

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