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Halloween 2017 is awaiting for your present. Are you ready?????

Every year we see people wearing scary outfits, carve pumpkin and bob for apple. The real reason for Halloween is. . .

Halloween or Hallowe’en is also called as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration that includes spooky sight all around on every October 31st in western countries. This year Halloween falls on Tuesday.

The Halloween has its origin in Celtic fringes of Britain and later it was adopted by Christian traditions, conventions for immigrants for a unquenched desire for sweets.

Halloween’s History

There is a dispute on the actual origin of this festival. There are both Christian and pagan cultures that have evolved into today’s Halloween.

Most believe that it was originated in the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain meaning summer end which is celebrated as harvest season’s end.

Gaels trusted that it was a period when the dividers between our reality and the following turned out to be thin and permeable, enabling spirits to go through, return to life on the day and harm their harvests. Spots were set during supper to conciliate and welcome the spirits. Gaels would likewise offer nourishment and drink, and light blazes to avoid the shrewd spirits.

The Christian root of the occasion is that it falls on the days prior to the devour of All Hallows, which was set in the eighth century to endeavor to stamp out agnostic festivals. Christians would respect holy people and appeal to God for souls who have not yet achieved paradise.

Why spooky costumes?

Celts makeup in white and blackened faces during the Samhain festival to trick people who believe will be roaming on earth before All Saint’s Day on 1st of November.

In the 11th century, the Christianity adopted this calling ‘souling’. Children go door-to-door asking for soul cakes in exchange for prayings for souls of friends or relatives. They, makeup as angels, demons or saints. The cakes were sweet with a cross painted on top. Eating it represents a soul freed from purgatory.

During the 19th century, souling was transformed into mumming or guising. Children who offer songs, jokes and poetry would be exchanged with fruits or money.

After world war 2, Halloween became a widely spread celebration among children. More adventurous costumes came to light.

Carving pumpkins???

The pumpkin carving originated from Samhain festival when Gaels carve turnips to ward off the spirits and beware fairies from resting in houses.

A theory that explains the Americanised name Jack O’Lantern came from the folkloric story of Stingy Jack, who fooled the devil into buying him a drink. He was not let into heaven or hell – and when he died, the devil threw him a burning ember which he kept in a turnip.

As the Irish immigrants in early 1800’s couldn’t find turnips so they ended up with carving pumpkins and the habit was passed to generations.

Peculiar Halloween Traditions

In Czechoslovakia, along with living family members, chairs for the deceased people were placed by the fire on Halloween Night.

In Australia, bread, water, and a lighted lamp were left on tables before going to bed. A belief that this will welcome souls.

In Germany, knives are hidden to make sure that the souls weren’t harmed.

In Ireland, Barnbrack is shared with the people which have gifts wrapped inside.
If a ring is found, it means wedding in near future. Straw piece means getting prosperous. Pea means no marriage that year. Stick means unhappy marriage or dispute. Coins represent a good fortune.

In Kawasaki, Japan, a parade for annual Halloween is been held. Nearly 2500 take part in it and 100,000 watch it.

In Manali, capital of Philippines, pets gets into action. An annual costume contest is held to raise funds for pet/animal welfare groups.

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