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God – The Unknown Side

The journey in search of a divine entity, some call it god, others call it Paramatma. We only think about god as the superpower beyond all of this Maya. While god being one side of the coin, we never think about the other mysterious side. As we know, this side serves as the positivity while leaving the negativity unknown to mankind.

When we believe what’s been said since ages, we only take the positive or the holy side making us so authentic towards god. And we may never know whether it’s a myth or a fact. This question pulled out devotees, atheists, believers and many more out of normal beings.

Understanding the second side of this coin makes one’s journey in search of god finish its course.

One should understand that God which shows good and Evil which shows bad are the two faces of a single coin or one same energy which acts according to the karma of a human being. Just imagine if the two entities are two different powers, then the so-called God would have destroyed it a long time back during the creation of this universe.

And this evil was slowly used to make people follow the righteous path.

This concept of evil is termed as Asura or Rakshas or Dietya or Danav since the most ancient of times during the birth of Hinduism. The term Hinduism is not to be understood as a religion but a culture what passes from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean.

Let’s begin with Rakshas

It is derived from the Sanskrit word Rakshak which means The Protector. The Brahma created the first Prajapathi which means the caretaker of human beings and humanity. His name was Daksh who had many daughters. We shall discuss two of his daughters who were the sole creators of God and Evil. These two sisters were Dev Diti and Devi Aditi. They were married to Rishi Kashyap and had many children.

Lord Brahma thaught the importance of mother earth to these children who then divided into groups as Protectors (Rakshaks) and Worshipers (Yakshans). Then the students who did Yakshan were termed as Yakshaks which means Gods and who promised to Rakshan were termed as Raakshas.

These brothers were now divided into two groups – mentally as well as physically.

Gods always had the feeling of partiality towards all Rakshaks. These group of Devas had a King named Indra, who is the eldest son of Devi Aditi. He is responsible to modify the name Rakshaks into Raakshas.

Because Rakshaks are more strong, more capable and better in all aspects compared to Indra and other Gods.

Let us know a few terms used to describe Daityas


There is a drink known as Sura. Gods were entitled to drink this. And were called as Suras. And the Raakshas do not drink it and therefore known as Asuras.


Devatas are known as Aditya because they are born of Devi Aditi. And the children of Devi Diti are known as Daitya.


This is a Dynasty created by King Mahiraga during the Iron Age. He is a very tall, healthy and powerful king. He features like a Raakshas so his dynasty is so-called as Rakshas. The Rakshas who were projected by the Hindu Mythological stories isn’t even 1% accurate.

gods and raakshas

As we were said that Rakshas might have horns, big sharp teeth and they practice cannibalism. But in truth, they are good looking, very mature and intelligent. And they are pure vegetarians. According to olden Irani Dharma, Dietyas are very pure positive energy and Adityas are the real evil.

Gods Cheating Rakshas

Gods used Rakshas to make Sagar Madhan where Vasuki the snake was used as a rope. And Gods took the safe side of snake’s tail leaving the snake’s face to rakshas. The snake was blowing poisonous air and fire from its mouth. But the brave and innocent rakshas handled it.

This resulted in several gems and nectar from the ocean. But still, Rakshas got nothing out of it.

Gods took heaven as their abode and forced rakshas to live in Paatal. Paatal is a place deep inside the earth which is surrounded by fire. Gods treated rakshas as untouchables and didn’t even allow to pursue their studies.

Gods always kept Raakshas away from the knowledge of Vedas. Also, Raakshas were not even allowed to drink the milk of cow. But these Raakshas were always compromising just because the Suras and Asuras are brothers.

These Raakshas were always tricked because of their innocence. This is the real story of Raakshas. Even Ravan is a victim of these tricks in spite of being a great king. Read the partiality shown towards Ram and Ravan here.

Now we must be wondering about the obstacles coming in between our journey towards god. The answer is these obstacles were tests from god to us. Like there is milk and it cannot be skimmed until and unless it is boiled.

To reach god or get the cream we need to boil ourselves in problems.

What did you feel after reading this post? if you feel this is awesome, great then you stood at the same level where you had started the journey. But if you feel like you have learned something then you need to change few believe that you had been practicing for years.

Your comments say what you feel about this read.

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