Gift of Life and Death

The greatest gift that every human being ever received from the Creator is Life. From the beginning of time, we created ourselves defending various forces of nature and deceiving our own limitations. And finally, we created our mirror selves that can think like we do, attaining the position of the one who created us, the GOD.

Hundreds and thousands of lakhs of years had passed by but were unaware of many things that we had while in those passed time. Many struggles to bend time for getting back what they had lost.

Bending time??

Some call it madness, while some dream it and defines it as Immortality.

How do we define Immortality or Anti-Aging?

The life cycle of every organism is Life -> Death -> Life. This is a never-ending cycle that can be halted by only two means. Salvation and Immortality.

Salvation – The soul reaching a state where it never falls into the cycle of life and death through rebirth, meaning reaching and unifying with the Almighty.

Immortality – The life form getting away from the life and death cycle by undying. Resistance to give away one particular form of its life.

In Hindu mythology, Christianity and Islam, immortality has been attained by many in various forms. Some of them are good and others are bad for other beings.

The Hindus depict, they have 8 immortals or Anti-aging human beings. They are Hanuman, Kripacharya, Mahabali, Ashwathama, Parasurama, Vibhishana, Maharshi Vyas, Markandeya. Each one has a great story behind them to share about how they had attained Immortality without any known supplements. It is the power of God or Magic which is unknown to man yet.

Some stories about various magic tricks and other supplements to gain supernatural power for anti-ageing have been very much famous among people. Mrityunjaya mantra was one of the most variant spells of all times.

Although it had many other substitutes, it’s anti-ageing power was unmatchable from the stories of Ancient Hindu Mythology. The maha mrityinjaya mantra was made by sage Markandeya, who was one of the greatest Shiva worshippers. While his life was coming to an end at a very young age, he was deeply in devotion to Lord Shiva. Pleased by his faith, Shiva saved Markandeya from Yamaraj (the lord of death). There’s also a famous story saying Shiva gifted him with immortality.

The 8 immortals were said to be living in disguise along with the modern humans and they provide a support in knowledge and warfare activities to lord Kalki, the last avatar of Lord Vishnu when he incarnates on earth to destroy evil.

Stories depict the truth in a different version where we need to restore faith to believe them. We have a scientific approach to attain immortality. Scientists have been trying to achieve the theoretical immortality into actions. There are various Anti-ageing supplements known and unknown to mankind that were proposed by scientists since time memorial.

Anti-ageing Supplements proposed by Science

  1. Nanotechnology – The nanobots inserted into the human body, will refine our DNA. They’ll dewrinkle the skin, strengthen our bones, improve the memory, boost our metabolism, also carry oxygen through the arteries. In 2013, journalist David Scbilling wrote that Abbott Laboratories was testing robotic blood cells in rats. We should wait for the results to be published.
  2. Mind uploading – The human mind was estimated by scientists was about 2500 terabytes. And with an exponential growth in the technology, by 2030 it is possible to emulate the human mind into the cloud. Which means, we live forever.
  3. Cloning forever – When there is an organ damage, new organs were made from our DNA. And if this keeps on continuing, we can be living forever with no death causing to the body.
  4. Cyborg – Inspired by various Hollywood movies like RoboCop, Death Vader, etc, cheating death has a new face. Half body made of flesh and other half made of a machine, the body can be turned into an ever running machine with the human conscience. This can surely be a new anti-ageing supplement.
  5. Cell therapy – The lobsters’ use its DNA to live longer and the Jellyfish uses stem cells to regenerate. They were considered to be immortal beings. Scientists were working on the immortality of these animals at a cellular level to understand and use it to human cells.

Listed were some of the anti-ageing supplements for a long life. Maybe someday science wins over faith or vice-versa, life has it’s boon to end and death has its power to attain rebirth. And the cycle goes on.

In the words of Wolverine(from X-men), “Life is a gift, Immortality is a curse.”, let’s hope for a better future with no walls built against the natural flow of life.

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