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Dusshera : Ram or Ravan

How many of us does believe in a deer made of pure gold? NO ONE!!! Not even the foolish believe in that kind of nonsense. But our Lord Ram ran after this golden deer. He is the Lord, who knows past present and future yet wasn’t aware of the illusion of an imaginary golden deer.

Let’s take Lord Ram as an human incarnation and lost his mind for few moments. But let’s take this, when he asked Sugreeva to fight with his brother Baali. Lord Ram didn’t kill in the first attempt. And reason was so awkward. He wasn’t able to recognise Baali from Sugreeva. And he is the Lord of our generations. And which Lord says that he was unable to differentiate between you and another person?

The stupidity crossed boundaries when He asked Sita to prove her Chastity by giving an Agni-pariksha. How can he be a role model? Why would Sita give an Agni-pariksha, even while Ram was also away from her. Why he didn’t give such a test to prove his Chastity? It was very important for him to give a test because he stayed with monkeys and bears, as everyone know what would animals do to each other. Okay, lets forget about the animals. What about Shabari?

We were shown Shabari as an old and elderly woman in our television serials and movies. But here is the real story behind her age. Shabari was the daughter of a hunter who belonged to a low caste. But she had a very pure heart. When she knew that many animals will be killed on the day before her marriage, as it was their tradition; she ran away from the marriage and also from her father to save the animals.

She went to sage Matang and he accepted her like his daughter. And she was provided with shelter in his Ashram. Something to be thought here about is in those days girls were married at a very young age. So Shabari will be 12-13 or at maximum 15 years at the time when she stayed at sage Matang Asharam. This happened when Sugriva was kicked off from Kishkinda by Baali. And Lord Ram met Shabari before meeting Sugreeva. How can be Shabari an old woman?

The relationship between Ram and Shabari – A young, beautiful tribal girl gave Lord Ram dates after biting each one of it which he ate the with immense pleasure. This kind of things happen only when the two persons were in deep love. And this is why Lord Ram has to prove his Chastity by giving an Agni-Pariksha.

Ram is considered as Maryada Purushottam, but he is just Purushottam. Purushottam means the best amongst all. Yes, he is the best because he is a royal prince. His warrior skills and good looks made him purushottam but not maryada purushottam. If he would be that, he would not have insulted Surpanakha (meenakshi), sister of Ravana. If he didn’t wanted to marry her, why he sent her to Lakshman and even Laksham wasn’t interested in marrying her, then why would they make fun of her. Assaulting the innocent girl mentally and physically. What was the need to chop off her nose, ears and breasts? Wasn’t it so inhumane? And why Lord will do this?

Ram calls himself as Maryada purushottam. Where is his maryada when he tried to destroy the entire ocean with his arrow?

Where is his maryada when he killed Baali hiding behind a tree?

Where was his Maryada when he killed Shambhuka just because Shambhuka belonged to the lower caste and was doing penance to please God ??

Where was his Maryada when he sent Sita to exile and that too when she was pregnant ?? And why ?? Just because one washerman told that she is impure ??

He didn’t even remember that Sita has already proven her Chastity by giving Agnipariksha.. How come he is Maryada Purushottam when he can leave his wife but can’t leave his throne and the Kingdom.. Rather than sending Sita all alone to forest, why didn’t he go with her like how Sita went with him for 14 years of exile.. Why didn’t he thought about the Happiness what she deserves ?

Ram killed Ravana with Brahmastra. Which was the most deadliest weapon in those times. Even there was a rule not to use Brahmastra in war as the only weapon that can stop one Brahmastra is another brahmastra, which results in demolition of the entire world. Even Ravana had Brahmastra, but he didn’t use it. Because HE DIDN’T WANTED THE WORLD TO SUFFER. This was the greatness of Raavana.

Ravana use to worship his parents.. Ravana was a Great devotee of Lord Shiva, so great that Shiva himself accepted Ravana as his student.. Ravana has written number of books related to medicine, ayurveda, health, astrology, Science and Shiva Bhakti.. In the Kingdom of Ravana there was no Caste discrimination.. Everyone there belonged to only one caste and that was Humanity.. Women’s were free to do business and trade.. They had their own freedom.. They literally use to live their life like a modern women, like how today the Women’s live in metro cities..

By burning the effigy of Ravana, there is nothing left in Ayodhya accept the dark smoke of their own Sin in which this people are dying everyday without even realising to come out of it.. And on the other hand the precious gemstones which are found even today from the marshy land of Srilanka are the proof of the prosperity that Lanka had been seeing and been living from the day one of Ravana’s rule, till today..

Stop celebrating Dussehra in terms of “good won over bad” and such bullshit.. History is what the winner says about himself. If Raavan would have won the battle, the story would have been a different version. So if you still believe Dusshera is a celebration of good winning over evil, you too were a dead fish flowing in the flow. But if you realise and understand the concept of God, then your consciousness is still awake and you’re a true human.

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  1. I read your article and was so impressed that I wanted to thank you personally for your thought provoking yet practical insights ..I have read articles on similar subjects but none were as clear as relevant as yours ..I look forward to read your next articles ..Best wishes ..🌷

    1. Thank you for your support. I’ve been greatly inspired by my favorite writer(s) who depict the Indian Mythology and social customs in their great words. I owe them all your love and affection. Thanks for the time you spent here to travel through this article.

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