Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing tools

In the vast developing internet we have got infinite tools to check the cross-browser compatibility of our web apps and websites.

What is Cross-Browser Compatibility?

When building any website or web app, we can never assume which browser is being used by the end user to check out our application/website. So the developer needs to build the app in a way that displays the best in most of the famous browsers.

To test the product how it looks in various browsers, is called the browser-compatibility.

There are few tools in those available infinite number. From the experts, we have some recommended tools. For more information, we have listed them below.

2.IE NetRender
3.CrossBrowser Testing
4.Lambda Test
6.IE Tab
10.Super Preview

cross-browser testing

Mabl: It is a SaaS type of service supporting Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. The support can be only by default application without any other extra 3rd party extension.

  • Reuses the same tests across other browsers too
  • Can run infinite tests in parallel
  • Manages no infrastructure

The mabl tool can be download here for a free trail: Download Now

IE NetReader: It is the most easiest tool in order to test the cross-browser testing. This tool asks for the IE version we need to use and the URL that needs to be tested. It can process large number of real time requests and no time will be wasted. All data and images are maintained privately.

It is suitable for quick testing and it was used for pixel to pixel site comparison in various IE versions.

Download it here

CrossBrowser Testing: The CrossBrowsr testing tool has a wide range of different browsers and their versions. It is also available for different Operating Systems. And supports over more than a 1000 combinations of Browsers and OS’s. This includes the mobile browsers too.

Supporting localhost, automatic screenshot feature, testing for other logins too. This is termed to be the most popular and commercial cross-browsing testing tools.

Download it here

Lambda Test: Lambda Test is a testing tools which is based on cloud platform that helps the users to test web apps or websites. It can run automated selenium scripts on scalable cloud grid, and even perform interactive live testing on real browser environment.

The Key features are:

  • Can run selenium tests on a scalable cloud grid that has around 2000+ browser environments.
  • Automated screenshot and responisve tests for the website
  • Both locally hosted and privately hosted apps/websites can be tested.
  • Bug logging in one click to your specfied ug tracking tool.

Download Link

Browsershots: This is an open source browser testing platform for web apps and websites. It allows the tests to be conducted on any browser and on any OS. In Browsershot, tests can be run with great optimization like OS, Browser, Color depth, Flash, JavaScript etc., It allows you to take screenshot of the website in almost 70 browsers and many other operating systems.

Download Link

IE Tab: Firefox and Chrome allows to view your web page with a click. Whereas in IE Tab, it allows you t switch the view in other browsers without switching it and is only available upto firefox 60.0. It supports complete internet configuration which means security and internet settings can be set to automatic or manual mode.

IE Tab is a very handy extension to display the web pages in both IE and other browsers at the same time.

Download Link

SeeTest: It s a continuous testing tool which helps in testing both functionality and also the performance of your web app/page on a large varieties of browsers and also on OS versions. This ensures they work perfectly for all combinations of OS and Browsers and makes one of the best sources for cross-browser testing tools.

Other features include:

  • Run Selenium and Appium tests on real iOS, Desktops and Androids to ensure testing is done in real scenarios and also accurate results are provided.
  • Very less time as parallel tests are conducted using the scalable cloud-based grid.
  • Fast bug fixes with detailed reports including screenshots, videos and log files.
  • Also performs manual testing and debug the code. Interaction with desktop browsers to test the latest updated functionality.

Download the free trial.

Ghostlab: It offers synchronized tests for actions performed on the page like clicks, scrolls, reloads and form inputs. Ghostlab has a superior in-built inspector to get the depth of any bug faster. It connects to DOM and Js output on any device and fix the code effectively and is easily available for Mac and Windows with no special installation.

Also, the file change tracking can be done easily when Ghostlab server and the local apache server are integrated from local directory.

Download Link Previously is an open-source browser deployed in sandbox to test various versions of the same/beta/legacy browsers. runs the browsers an isolated sandboxes that doesn’t require any dependencies. It does not support Linux for now, but it is under development for linux.

Download here

Super Preview: This is a microsoft product that enables the comparision of multiple endering engines in a single interface. It is integrated with expression web that can provide easy previews and compare pages while they are built. Also build for competing on the top listed cross-browser testing tools.

Download here

The listed tools are few among the huge number of other tools available on the internet. It is purely by choice to use or suggest more of these tools for your testing.