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Biggest lesson a woman can teach you

The biggest lesson you can learn from women is “return with interest what you receive”

  1. Give her sperm – she will make you father!
  2. Give her vegetables – she will give you cooked food.
  3. Give her house – she will make it home.
  4. Give her compliment – she will selflessly care for you.
  5. Give her books – she will give you intelligent kids.
  6. Give her respect – she will die for you.
  7. Give her hate – she will return with interest.
  8. Give her peace – she will make your home a heaven.
  9. Give her chance – she will prove herself.
  10. Give her courage – she will go beyond your imagination.

Dedicated to all women who are struggling, in pain, in distress with a smile and hope on her face.

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