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Being Animal

It was just another day in Africa and this happened.

A lioness has to hunt for its living and that is exactly what happened here. A lioness killed an antelope.

But soon this lioness understood that she had killed a pregnant antelope. She was so sad that she did not even feed on her meal.

She tried to carry the foetus like its own cub and tried to revive it. The photographer quoted, “She proceeded to nudge the foetus with her nose, gently rolling it over, before she picked it up on the back of the neck as if it was one of her own cubs”

Finally she gave up. She learned she cannot bring life to the unborn baby Hartebeest and she carefully placed the foetus near the grass.

After that, this lioness simply lied down dejectedly near its prey without feeding on it. According to one report, the lioness 1 year later died.

Who would have thought that a lioness would do such a thing? Did her “motherly instincts” suddenly kick in? Was there still a heartbeat that she could feel? Was she trying to protect the unborn Hartebeest?

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    1. Thank you. And they are sometimes better than our humans in terms of maintaining ecology. We lost the managing balance long back. Hope you understood what I want to convey in my words.

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