An Advanced Dream

Today the world has become an abode of Internet Sciences which allow you to access the cubicle of knowledge from anywhere on the planet. Science has shown its face in almost all the fields expanding the limits of our perimeter. A big applause for the achievements and success that the mankind has tasted since the evolution has begun its growth.

People worry about a lot of things that they cannot take control over. They think about what the President was doing with the allotted power and the player has to do with the ball/bat in the ground. The only circumference that surrounds was the narrow mind that limits the thoughts.

A scientist is not creative and an Artist is not logical. So the world depends on science for sophistication and on art for relaxation. We have reached distances within the universe and conquered unknown darknesses around our galaxies. No doubt, one of the greatest achievements that science had witnessed. Relativity, gravity, time travel(theoretical), sonic speed, laser technologies, advancements in medicine, and few of the greatest victories that mankind has to be left in pride for.

The journey of human race has begun millions of centuries ago and it’s still on its course. We knew it by the science which was helpful in determining the ages by Carbon Dating. And also another most important thing that depicts the journey is the History and Art. Always neglected by few that strongly support science, art has always found its place in hearts rather than minds. William Shakespeare, Tyagaraja, Picasso, Da-Vinci, Michael Jackson, Lata Mangeshkar, and lots more to be reminded of their unmatched service and excellence in their respective fields to gain a position in the hearts of people.

Science and Arts have been taught like two different faces. We forgot the two faces belong to the same coin, LIFE. Anything we choose to conflict the past ways of life is always an advancement in the field of one ot the other. As already said, we choose science for sophistication and art for simplification. Imagine a world with both the creation and logic combined in a single stream. The results will be far more effective. Learning science along with arts for a better way of life. It’s like building and growing together in a single pot.

Being creative expands the capability of thoughts and being logical make the fullest use of the expanded capacity. Within the limited mark, if we are able to enhance ourselves to unreachable heights, there can be the greatest minds achieving beyond greatness at the infinite borders. The education system has a stubborn rigidity that surpasses and controls the creativity of youngsters. At a personal level, I had been forced this kind of dominance and survival practises that ruined ideas worth research and learning.Every child is a born scientist and the system combined with society transforms the scientist into a slave. A slave just to survive, pay taxes and destroy a new history history that even before born.

Youngsters decide the fate of a nation or the planet. If the system designed by people with grey hair decide the youngster’s fate, we are no longer advancing. A generation that is free at will needs to be unleashed with a bit of originality and creativity.

I try for it, will you? Are you ready to mix up creativity and logic. Design a new generation which is free at their will. Lets try for a new world of Advanced Dreams.

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