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Advantages of Dowry System though it’s an evil.

The world has been changed through various versions of transitions in the name of dowry.

  • First there used to be cattle and exchange of power.
  • Then there came cattle and land.
  • Later on, land and wealth.
  • Now, it has been transformed into different scenarios.

Dowry made the system of marriage corrupted in the current generation. In olden days, dowry for pleasing the bridegroom as they are treated with respect and humility. The parents exchanged money, land, cattle, gifts as dowry to celebrate the ceremony with great enthusiasm and joy. But today, marriages have a different value in the lives of people. Some marry just for dowry and others for the bride. And there are few classes of people who ask for a huge amount of wealth to marry a girl.

There are various disadvantages after this system has been popularised within the society. Girls have been tortured and killed by greedy husbands and parents. Women were sold with a price tag. They are humiliated mentally and psychologically. This system needs to be eradicated from our society to establish a harmony and respect. Women need to be treated equally with men in all aspects.

There may be few advantages of dowry system like

  • Women who are neglected based on their external beauty can be easily married, with loads of money showered on the boy.
  • Higher education can be possible with a good amount of dowry if the boy’s economic situation cannot afford him to pay.
  • Life after marriage to the newlywed couple will be easier to settle.
  • In SOME families, girls who accompany a lot of assets with them as dowry are well respected and get good affection from the husband.

Earlier time, Girls don’t have a share in property as money consolidation his father give her a material or things that she uses them or helps her after living her home Dowry helps newly married couple to establish their family, Acts as a provident fund. Yes, this was the nice thing which I like about Dowry till when the father is not forced to give Dowry. Nowadays is different situation about dowry even married girls should raise their voice on this issue many girls are aware of that but very few are in the light.

Every coin has two sides. And dowry too has some good and bad. But in this current age, dowry makes worse than good.


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