Tourist Places you didn’t know about, in India

Tourist Places you didn’t know about, in India

Living in the adverse season of winter which bites the bones? Never worry when you love the nature and its adventure. The continental climatic conditions raise the GO flag to your dream of traveling. In India, nature has its distinct characteristic feature of attracting people who love it. For those who are looking around to visit the real Indian climate shall be having a guidebook of the following listed tourist places.


Travellers rarely find the tiny city has the best varied natural elements feasted in it. Travellers often choose Goa for its intimating beaches and parties going on. Also, winter is the season that the picturesque goa is teeming the tourists and they are being attracted to its ravishing beauty. Known for being a city which has one of the best beach destinations in the world, Goa is unique to rest of India. Its cosmopolitan culture, striking nightlife, and vast beach locations make it the most attractive tourist place among all in India.

Has a plan to visit Goa? It’s now winter to enroll you in the festivals of the city. With the coming Christmas and New year, Goa undergoes beautifying and painted parties that welcome you into its core of the best moments. Music, dance with a chain of various cultural events organized is an eye-catching scenario for visitors.

Families get bonded to offers of Goa and also you can make a worthy time spent along with some relax from routine. You have activities like water sports, adventures like wildlife, a visit to World Heritage Churches, and river cruise in the evenings.

If you plan for Goa during winter never take out of your mind that it is the best season for tourists and a plan in advance will come to your rescue. Because the hotels and restaurants and other places to dwell will be filled so soon.


The holy city Varanasi is very famous for its river Ganga which is believed to take away the sins when took a dip in it. This city is the oldest inhabited in the world which has a famous saying of Lord Brahma’s creation has taken its step fro the holy grounds of Varanasi. It is also known for Buddhism being born here.

Busy throughout the year with devotees and sadhus who pray the God and Ganga for relieving them from the efforts of life. This city is famous for saints and poets from an early age including Ravi Das, Tulsi Das, Kabir, Kulluka Bhatt and much more. It also has its great pilgrimage and historic value. A wave of the crowd never seen before will be impressive to your eyes.

The holiest city of Hindus is very famous for Kasi being one of its places in it. As Kasi, has its own historic and spiritual trend that made it one of the world’s popular city of pilgrimage and devotion.

Also, Kasi is very known for King Harischandra, who have sacrificed everything in the honor of truth and promise.

There are sculptures and ancient paintings to get an eye on. It is thronged by thousands of devotees and travelers for knowledge and Punya(sacredness). The city that is mostly touristy and most liked by Lord Shiva welcomes you with its heart into the true nature of divine and spiritual awareness.

If you have a plan of visiting Varanasi, just remember to take care of your partners among the crowd and holy lands where it is lively and active all the day throughout the year.


Proudly named to be Land of Kings, Rajasthan is known for its vast area covered by desert sand and forts of kings. Its concoction of ablaze colors, a pride of royalty, a greatness of tradition and romance, is haunted by the tourists all over the world. It has got much to show such that people visiting Rajasthan find a difficult instinct to choose among its various outstanding options at hand.

The kings those perched here were great patronages of art and culture. It is enriched in every footstep left by them all over the place. Their idiosyncrasies and interest for culture and tradition were consumed in the fortresses, dances and arts and the sculptures, paintings found throughout the realm.

Millions of tourists visit Jaipur(Capital City) for its varied art, historical monuments, and the royal remains. Nearby were accumulated by other tourists places like Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur, and much more. The Jodhpur Riff is a must to visit as it is known as The Desert Kingdom.

Heritage hotels draw most people to them, which were transformed fortresses. The best romantic hotel in India, Taj Lake Palace near Devgarh is a must visit place for a couple in love and married. Plan for a trip and get haunt by the memories of your tour.

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