Araku Valley, The Magnificent Destination Of Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley, The Magnificent Destination Of Andhra Pradesh

Nature comes alive with the showers of monsoon drizzles. A plethora of scenic vistas of lavish nature will impeccably rejuvenate all and sundry. When we are in a plan to go on a trip, myriads of tourist destinations baffled us and choosing best among them sometimes really a hard task to any freak. We came up with a magnificent nature where you will forget all your sorrows and problems and even you will behave as a child and it is the perfect place to recall you valuable childhood memories. The all credits goes to the beautiful locale of Andhra Pradesh, Araku Valley – Andhra Ooty…

Gear up with your buddies to experience the true rural environment amid the blissful nature. The wonderful journey kickstarts with a train journey from Visakhapatnam railway station. A step into the Kirandol express takes you to the heavenly destination and a couple of hours journey through the greenery patched mountains, tunnels, waterfalls, hovering clouds and misty cool breezes makes your trip more memorable. No one can resist themselves to shout while crossing the tunnels and the great sights of the train traversing through the meanders of nature is an eye-feast for every visitor. Passing clouds beside the train take you into past and surely you will recall the childhood memories which are mostly attached with clouds. Compete with your friends to count the tunnels you crossed and surely it will enhance the bond between you and your folks. It’s not just a journey but it is the best time to collect the golden moments of your life and numerous vendors want to fill your hungry stomach with scrumptious local food, have a look on them it is nothing but the Sustainable tourism, right!!

Train traverse through different stations like Borra Caves, Araku and many more tiny hamlets. If you wish you to visit Caves first then, its good to your trip. Borra Caves is the spectacular 150 years old limestone caves of the state. Tens of thousands of tourists from across the world throng to this locale to capture the best of the caves. The different shapes of the caves formed due to the amalgamation of stalactites and stalagmites astound everyone.

After a longrefreshment at Borra, move yourself to beautiful Katiki waterfalls. A ride to this waterfalls is a little bit treacherous through rough terrain.  But when yiu head near to the waterfalls, you will leave all the hurdles you faced. Drench in the beauty if gushing wate5 and enjiy to the core. It is o e of the picturesque location to capture the best snapshots.

Now move to Araku Valley. The verdure nature of Araku Valley welcomes you with the abundance of greenery everywhere. The aroma of fresh coffee from Araku Valley Coffee house nearby Araku museum tempts to taste it and its time to enjoy the cup of coffee with your buddies.

To know more about the tribal cultures and traditions, pay a visit to ‘Tribal Museum’, where different ornaments, tribal lifestyle, and tribal arts are in the exhibit.

Cascading streams, gushing falls, coffee plantations, chirping sounds, lofty winds and scattered beautiful tiny hamlets amidst the grandeur nature make it as a celestial destination for the nature aficionados and movie makers. Hold the hand of your beloved one and walk along the lavish nature. It is one of the best time to share your lovable memories with your loved one. Cherish the panoramic vistas through different viewpoints like Galikondalu and Anantagiri range renders perfect views. Never give a miss to relish Bamboo Chicken here.

If you pay a visit to this valley please do a share your memories with us.

(Image courtesy:AP Tourism)

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