5 Best Places To Enjoy Diwali Celebrations In India

5 Best Places To Enjoy Diwali Celebrations In India

Diwali, the festival of lights is being celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over the evil. Every corner of the nation is embellished with dazzling lights and immersed in the mood of spirituality. Zillions of tourists from across the blue planet throng to India to enjoy the warm hospitality of the nation in this festive season. Are you the one who wanna enjoy the celebrations to the core? Then here are five destinations which marks the festival with much pop.


Varanasi, the land of spirituality aka Devbhoomi glitters with colourful lights during Diwali. The beautiful vistas of mighty river Ganges amidst the vibrant lights. The beauty of the Varanasi can’t explain verbally one must have a visit to this locale during Diwali. The shops and hotels besides the river were adorned with the different type of lights which reflects into the water is an amazing view to the visitors. Never give a miss to capture the special Ganga harathi at evening times.

This party destination specially enthrals the visitors with its fabulous events which conducts during Diwali. Narakasura ritual is centre attraction of the festival, in which the demon king Narakasure is killed by Lord Krishna. Many competitions took place during the Diwali and the one who came with mammoth Narakasura will win the event. The parade of the Narakasuras grabs many hearts of the visitors. Apart from these, many other events will be conducted by the government and local bodies.


Visiting Amritsar on Diwali festive season will surely render immense pleasure to the viewers. Yeah, the Golden temple of the Amritsar is adorned with millions of lights which reflects on the water makes the locale to appear as a place with zillions of dazzling lights. If you have a chance to visit this temple, never give a miss. This is the perfect place to capture the best shots of the festive season.

Kolkata is famous for special Durga matha rituals and evening celebrations. The warm welcome of the local people will resonate the cultures and traditions of the nation. There is no limit to express the joy, everyone is busy with crackers and events. Many scrumptious Bengali sweets and dishes make your festival more and happier. Different type of Durga Mandirs is an added attraction to your bucket list.

Hyderabad, the land of Nawabs is must visit destination. It has something for everyone and each and every corner of the locale is decorated with vibrant lights and diyas. The age-old traditions of not only the Telanganites but people from different places, who are residing here made this place as a ‘Mini India’. It is a perfect place to enjoy different traditions at a single place. And it is the finest example of unity in diversity.

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